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The number of shots provided per tank is really dependent on the tanks size. I am the captain of the Bullit Paintball team, and I usually use a 20oz tank. With my 20oz I will get anywhere between 800-1000 shots, depending how fast I shoot. I would say that you'll usually get around 500 shots, and a max of 600 shots with your 12oz.

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Q: How many shots are in a 12oz co2 tank?
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How many shots can you get with a 12oz CO2 tank with a tippmann 98 custom pro?

Roughly 600

How many shots can you get with a 12oz co2 tank with a spyder victor?

I have a spider sonix,and I can shoot probably about 1000 before it gets low

How many shots can you get with a 12oz CO2 tank with a tippmann bravo one?

in determining this you must know A 12oz tank is not very large and Tippmann guns are not very efficient with air. You should expect around 500-600 shots. This depends on good weather conditions and the type of paint.

How many shots can you get from a co2 tank?

It depends on the size.

How many shots can you get from a 24OZ CO2 tank?


How many shotz can you get out of a 12oz CO2 tank on a spyder imagine?

Around half a case (1000 rounds.)

How many shots does it take for a 20 oz co2 tank to run out?

A 20oz co2 tank will on average shoot about 1000 shots. This will vary if you have a response trigger, cyclone feed or regulator on your gun.

How many shots can you get with a 20oz CO2 tank with a tippmann 98 custom?

A Tippmann 98 custom 20oz co2 tank shoots 1100 paintballs

How many paintball shots do CO2 tanks hold?

When using CO2 there is no set number of shots due to the spiratic nature when releasing the CO2 from the tank. CO2 is unreliable in the fact that the psi of the shots are not consistent and tend to waver and vary depending on temperature. However estimates can be made from the size and past records. 12g- 30-35 9oz- 300-500 12oz- 700-900 20 oz- 800-1000 24 oz. 1000-1100

How many shots can you get with a 16oz CO2 tank?

If it is a good fill, you can expect an average of 500 - 700 shots depending on your marker.

How many shots can you get with a 9oz CO2 tank?

This can vary. CO2 itself is not very consistent, and the type of marker you are using will have an effect on this. Usually you can expect around 200-250 shots.

How many shots does a 10oz c02 tank last for?

Depending on the setting of the gun close to 200 shots. I have a 9 oz co2 tank and it usually goes for about 150 to 175.

How much does a 12oz Co2 tank shoot in a paintball gun?

about 500-600 depending on the gun

How long does a CO2 tank work?

It all depends on the size of the tank. What size. 12 gram, 8oz, 12oz, 20oz or 24oz?

How many shots can a 12 gram co2 tank fire?

Around 30-35 depending on the condition of your gun

How many shots in a 24 oz paintball tank?

alot i have an 8oz co2 tank and it lasted a 5 hour game and its still got some left

How long does a pure enerfy CO2 12oz can last on a piranha GTI plus paintball gun?

A 12oz tank will not last long on any gun. Most likely, you may get 400. 500 if the dwell is low.

How many shots can you get with a 20oz co2 tank with a tippmann 98 custom with a velocity of 300?

It depends on the temperature and how clean your gun is, but around 1000.

What size co2 tank do you need for a vl lancer paintball gun?

size is all personal preference, you can get something as small as a 9oz or up to a 24oz co2 tank, the larger the tank is the more shots you will get off of it but the heavier and larger it will be

How long does CO2 last?

It depends on the tank size. the average 20 oz is about 800 shots.

How long does a 24 oz co2 tank last?

up to 1100 shots depending on gun.

How long does a 9 oz CO2 tank last on a paintball gun?

About 300 to 350 shots! :)

How many paintballs can a spyder victor 3000psi marker shoot with a 16oz tank?

You are looking at around 500 shots. Victors are not the most efficient markers out there, especially with Co2

How many shots can you get out of a Co2 cartridge with a 500fps non-blowback pistol?

about 900 shots

How much does a 20oz CO2 tank shoot in a paintball gun?

Depending on your marker, but you should get 500 to 700 shots.