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in Basketball, you have 5 secs to pass the ball to someone or try to shoot the ball, if u fail to do this, then the ball gets handed to the opposition


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Q: How many seconds to get rid of the ball when you stop dribbling?
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What is a walk mean in basketball?

It means to travel. It is when you take too many steps without dribbling the ball. Or when you take too many steps after you stop dribbling the ball.

What is illegal dribbling in basketball?

Bouncing the ball very high into the air with all your might. And double dribbling which means to stop dribbling the ball, then start dribbling again.

What means bouble dribble in basketball game?

Double dribbling is where the person with the ball is either dribbling with 2 hands at the same time, or most likely, they are dibbling, then stop, and then start dribbling again. When you stop dribbling legally you only have 3 options: piviot, pass the ball, or shoot.

In basketball can you begin dribbling if you are on the ground and stand up?

yes but if you got the ball from your teammate and you dribbled the ball then stopped without dribbling the ball you cant dribble when you stop or else that is a travel

What skills are used in basketball after you stop dribbling the ball?

pivit, shoot or pass

Are you allowed to stop dribbling and start again?

The short answer is no. You may only start dribbling again once you have stopped if you either pass the ball to a teammate and then get it back, or have the ball removed from your possession by a member of the opposite team before recovering it. Simply dribbling, stopping, and then dribbling again is called "Double Dribbling" and results in a turnover.

What is the travel in basketball?

A travel in basketball is when you stop and you move with ball that is a travel. A other example is when you move with the ball without dribbling

In basketball what does double dribble mean?

When you dribble the ball, stop and hold it, then continue dribbling. Or when u dribble the ball with two hands :)

When you stop dribbling and then restart what it is called?

it is called stop dropping because you have stopped and you can bounce the ball back to one of your team players

What does it mean to double dribble in basketball?

A player who is dribbling the ball is "alive". But if you stop dribbling, and hold it up with 2 hands "dead". then if you dribble again, that's Double Dribble.

Is it double dribble in basketball when you pick up the ball and start dribbling?

a double dribble is when you start dribbling than you stop to try to pass the ball to another player and you can not see anyone to pass it to than you just start dribbling again it is a double dribble or a foul and its a throw in for the other team

What are a couple rules of basketball?

Well here are just a few - if a player fouls 5 times, they are taken out of the game - if you have the ball, you must dribble it when you are moving - you cannot stay in the key for more than 3 seconds - once you stop dribbling the ball, you have 5 seconds to pass it or shot it - you are allowed 2 steps without dribbling to jump up to shoot a layup (some referees allow 3 steps) Hope This helps!

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