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Q: How many seconds does it take for a volleyball to hit the ground from feet in the air?
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How many seconds in volleyball does the service get after the whistle is blown?

After the whistle is blown, the service gets 5 seconds in volleyball.

You drop a penny from a height of 16 feet after how many seconds does the penny land on the ground with work?


In high school volleyball how many seconds do you have to serve?

Internationally, a server has only 8 seconds to serve.

How many feet do you move each second and how many seconds until you land on the ground with a parachute if you are at these heights in feet 90 feet at 0 sec 75 at 1 sec 60 at 2 sec and 45 at 3 sec?

15 feet per second 3 more seconds to landing

How many umpires are there on volleyball ground?

There are usually 2 referees in a volleyball game. One is on the stand and one is on the floor.

How many seconds to serve if 15 or younger in volleyball?

if ur 14 and younger 5 seconds and if ur 15 or older then you have 8 seconds

How many seconds are in 13200 ft?

There are no seconds in feet. Feet is a unit of measurement while seconds is a unit of Time.

You drop a penny from a height of 16 feet After how many seconds does the penny land on the ground?

1 second, since all objects fall at 16 feet per second.

How many square feet are in a volleyball court?

1740.5 sq ft

A rock is thrown directly upward from ground level After1 seconds its height in feet is given by the function hx-16t2 256t after how many seconds will the rock hit ground?

Well, you will need to solve the function for x. Fill in the blanks and do what is needed to get your answer.

How many feet did the twin towers go into the ground?

100 feet into the ground

How many pages does The Ground Beneath Her Feet have?

The Ground Beneath Her Feet has 592 pages.