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The old Yankee Stadium had a seating capacity of 56,936.

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Q: How many seats did the old Yankee Stadium have?
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How many seats did the old Yankee Stadium hold?


Did the old Yankee Stadium have seats?

Yes. The old Yankee Stadium had a seating capacity of 56,936.

What color are the seats in Yankee Stadium?

The seats at the new Yankee Stadium are Navy blue. The old stadium seats were Royal blue.

Does anyone have the old seats from Yankee Stadium Ebbets Field or the Polo Grounds for sale?

For Yankee Stadium seats try the link below.

How many people did the old Yankee Stadium hold?

The old Yankee Stadium seating capacity was 56,936.

What was the old name for the old Yankee Stadium?

The old Yankee Stadium, from 1923-2008, was always named Yankee Stadium.

How many seats are in the new Yankee Stadium compared to the old stadium?

The New York Yankees new stadium has almost the exact same dimensions as the last. I'm not sure as to how many seats exactly but I'm almost sure it will be right around as many as it has now. The Stadium is costing an estimated 1.5 Billion dollars to complete, but seeing as its the same size, I would assume that the extra money would go into dealing with the luxury department and not expanding the seating capacity. The new Yankee Stadium has 50,086 seats and with standing room the stadium holds 52,325. The seating capacity in the old Yankee Stadium for 2008 was 56,936.

What is the old Yankee Stadium?

"Old Yankee Stadium" or Yankee Stadium I, was home to the New York Yankees from 1923 - 2008 . Yankee Stadium was also known as "The House that Ruth Built."

How many hits did Derek Jeter have at the old Yankee Stadium?

Derek Jeter holds the record with 1,274 hits at the old Yankee Stadium.

When did the old Yankee stadium close?

The old New York Yankee Stadium closed in 2008 and they ended up building the new stadium right across the street from the old Yankee Stadium.

When was the old Yankee Stadium opened?

The old Yankee Stadium opened on April 18, 1923.

Is Yankee Stadium astroturf?

No, it is not. The new Yankee Stadium, like the old stadium, is natural grass.

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