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Q: How many seats are in row E of section C at Nationals Park baseball stadium?
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What are the best seats in nationals stadium for concert?

Section 133, Section 105 and Grandstand. All for different reasons.

How many seats are in row 26 section 334 at gillette stadium?

There are 24 seats in section 336 in Gillette Stadium.

How many rows of seats are in Section 334 of Cowboys Stadium?


How many seats in a row in Section 18b of Ohio Stadium?


How many seats in row section 27C in ohio stadium?


Which seats in Yankee Stadium are legends seats?

The current stadium has a Legends section of about 160 seats, with a peak price of $1,000 a game

What type of seating does Notre Dame stadium have?

how many seats row 21 section 13 notre dame stadium

How can you find the price of stadium seats in the Yankee Stadium in New York City?

The price for stadium seats in the Yankee Stadium in New York varies greatly depending on what occasion the tickets are for. If one is interested in attending a baseball game at Yankee Stadium and pays an advanced price the lowest seat price is %55 to $70 in the main level green section. The highest price is in the Field MVP section with advanced pricing at between $250 and $300 per seat.

What seats are on the home side of Giants Stadium?

I have seats in section 221 front row for the U2 concert. I have never been to Giants stadium....will these seats give ,me a good view for the concert?

What baseball stadium has yellow seats?

There are a couple of ballparks in Major League Baseball that have yellow seats. Miller Park (home of the Milwaukee Brewers) and Dodger Stadium (home of the Los Angeles Dodgers) both have yellow seats. Miller Park has them on the upper level, and Dodger Stadium have them on the lower level.

How many people can New York Giants Stadium hold?

how many seats are in a row at giant stadium

How many seats are there in the stadium?

how many seats are there in the stadium