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the Colts have never gone undefeated,,,only two teams have.

  1. 1972 Miami Dolphins (14-0)
  2. 2007 New England Patriots (16-0)
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Q: How many seasons have the Indianapolis Colts gone undefeated?
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What college has gone undefeated the most in football?

The University of Michigan Wolverines have 25 undefeated seasons.

How many seasons has FSU gone undefeated?

2 1950 and 1999

Has any NFL team gone undefeated on Sunday Night Football?

Yes. This year the Colts are undefeated in NFL and Sunday night football.1-0. Colts 35 Patriots 31

What years did the Indianapolis Colts go to the Super Bowl?

As the Indianapolis Colts they went in 2006 (won) and 2009 (lost). They had previously gone as the Baltimore Colts in 1968 (lost) and 1970 (won).

How many times have the colts gone the Super Bowl?

4 times 2 times as Baltimore Colts and 2 times as Indianapolis Colts

How many times have the Indianapolis Colts gone to the Super Bowl?

4 times. Won 2.

What year did Kansas City Chiefs go undefeated?

Never. The Chiefs have had winning seasons, but have never gone undefeated. Their best regular season was 1968, when they went 12-2.

What is the head to head record for the New England Patriots vs the Indianapolis Colts since 2000?

Since 2000, the New England Patriots have gone 6-3 versus the Indianapolis Colts in the regular season. In post season play The Patriots are 2-1 versus the Colts since 2000.

How many times did Peyton Manning take the Indianapolis Colts to the playoffs?

The Colts have gone to the playoffs ten times under Manning with a 9-9 game record and one Superbowl title.

Will the Colts go to the Super Bowl?

They've gone twice in the last four seasons, so their chances are good.I Think Colts Have A Chance Of Going To The Superbowl?Yes, The Colts Are Going To The Superbowl and hopefully they lose. LOL

Did the Dallas Cowboys ever go undefeated?

No, the Cowboys have never gone undefeated.

What American Football League teams have gone undefeated?

No AFL team ever went undefeated. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only NFL team to have ever gone undefeated.

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