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5 years

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Q: How many seasons has David Beckham played for LA Galaxy?
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David Beckham played in which American team?

LA Galaxy

What teams has david beckahm played for?

David Beckham has played for realmadrid, Manchester, England, Barcalona, L.A Galaxy

How many seasons has David Beckham played for Real Madrid FC?


How long has david beckham played for the LA galaxy?

Three years so far.

How many teams has David Beckham played for?

David Beckham has played for the following clubs Manchester united, Real Madrid, Los Angles Galaxy and A.C. Milan. He also played for England.

What player that played with Preston Man Utd Real Madrid and la galaxy?

david beckham

How many professional teams has david beckham played for?

4.ManUReal MadridAC MilanL.A. Galaxy

What is David Beckham's nickname?

Becks, DB7, or Golden Balls. David Beckham is now retired, but he played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Los Angeles Galaxy.

Which MLS team does David Beckham play for?


Which club does David Beckham play for 2010?


What team does David Beckham play in 2008?


Is David Beckham still playing soccer in 2011?

Yes. David Beckham is currently signed with L.A Galaxy

Teams in which David Beckham has played for?

Man Utd Real Madrid LA Galaxy AC Milan

What sports team has white as their main color?

LA Galaxy (the soccer team) is mainly white and David Beckham once played for it.Click on this link for a picture..

Who does david beckham play for today?

David Beckham plays in the MLS for the LA Galaxy, where he sucks it up on a daily basis.

What team is David Beckham currently on?

David Beckham is currently contracted to LA Galaxy

What is the name of the team David Beckham play for?

The name of the team David Beckham plays for is called Los Angles Galaxy.

Does David Beckham play for an English team?

No David Beckham plays for a team in the U.S.A called Los Angeles Galaxy.

When did David Beckham leave real Madrid?

David Beckham left Real Madrid in 2007 to Los Angeles Galaxy

What club does David Beckham play for?

LA Galaxy and England

Who is David Beckham playing for now?

Los Angeles Galaxy

What year did david beckham sign with LA Galaxy?


Which team does David Beckham currently play for?

La galaxy

Who does David Beckham now play for?

LA Galaxy, in the USA.

How do you join LA Galaxy?

Be Good At Football As David Beckham.