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Feller missed about 3 3/4 seasons due to his service in the Navy.

He enlisted in the Navy immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack in December, 1941 and left the service upon the end of World War II in 1945. He pitched his first game in the 1945 season on August 24.

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Q: How many seasons did bob feller serve in the navy?
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What year did bob feller join the navy?

Bob Feller enlisted in the Navy on December 8, 1941.

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Bob Feller Cleavland Indians

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Bob Feller (born November 3, 1918 in Van Meter, Iowa; died December 15, 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio) was a Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the Cleveland Indians for 18 seasons between 1936 and 1941 and from 1945 to 1956 - a tenure interrupted by a four-year spell in the Navy. Feller was an eight-time All-Star, and a part of the Cleveland Indians' 1948 World Series winning team.

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Pitcher Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians who missed nearly 4 full seasons (all of 1942-1944 and most of 1945) serving in the Navy during World War II.

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Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller served in the US Navy during WWII.

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