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Q: How many seasons did Diego maradona play for Napoli?
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How many goals did Diego Maradona score for Napoli?


What has made Diego Maradona popular?

Diego Maradona is a popular football player and coach from Argentina. He became most popular for playing for the Italian team in Napoli where he gained many achievements. His peers consider him to be one of the greatest players of all time.

How many world cup games did Diego maradona play in his career?

Diego Maradona played in the 1986, 1990 and 1994 world cups.

How many wife does Diego Maradona have?

Maradona have 2 wifes one is ex-wife Claudia & Now Mariya

How many professional games did Diego Maradona play in?

589 games.

How many championships did Diego maradona win?

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How many goals did Maradona score?

Throughout his career Diego Maradona scored 352 goals. 352 not even close to what pele scored

How Many Goals Did Diego Maradona Score at the 1982 World Cup?

2 goals

How many goal did Diego maradona score for Barcelona against real Madrid?


How many football trophies did Diego maradona get?

$100 thousand dollars yearly.

How many league goals did Diego Maradona score for Barcelona against Real Madrid?


How many goals did Maradona score for Argentina?

Diego Maradona scored 292 goals in the many years of his professional career. Diego Maradona is considered the greatest football player by many football experts, critics, fans, current players, and former players.