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There are 2 winter hockey (Field Hockey) wich most people play and there is summer hockey but in Perth I would recommend don't play in the summer you will be like a sizzling sausage

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Q: How many seasons are there in hockey?
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Why is hockey and football played in the winter?

Hockey and football is played in both winter and summer seasons.

How many seasons did bobby hull play in the nhl?

Bobby Hull, the Golden Jet played 16 seasons with Chicago, Hartford, and Winnipeg. He also played 7 seasons in the now defunct WHA (World Hockey Association)

What is better field hockey or ice hockey?

Field hockey is better, it is a very old sport that takes back a long way, Ice hockey was a re-make by the Canadians made for a suitable way for colder seasons.

How long did Wayne Gretzky play hockey for the NHL?

20 seasons 1979-1999

How many seasons does Peru have?

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How many goals did famous ice hockey player Joe Malone make?

In 15 Seasons he had 343 career goals 32 assists and 3 Stanley Cups.

How many types of hockey are there?

Ice hockey, street hockey, feild hockey, floor hockey, air hockey, table hockey, knee hockey, mini hockey, water hockey, under water hockey. 10.

How many of the 1980 US hockey team played pro hockey?

None of the team had played professional hockey before the Olympics, the US allowed only amateurs to compete. After the Olympics 13 of the 20 players played in the NHL. Some of them of them started the following season. They played many seasons including three who played over 1,000 NHL games.

Are the sharks a hockey team in los angeles?

The Los Angeles Sharks were a charter member of the World Hockey Association in 1972 & played two seasons in L.A. before moving.

How many seasons are there in us?

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How many player in horses hockey hockey?


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