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5 teams

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Q: How many schools from Kentucky were represented in the 2007 NCAA men's basketball tournament?
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What schools from Kentucky are represented in the mens basketball tournament 2008?

Western Kentucky, Louisville, Kentucky University

How many schools from Kentucky were represented in the 2008 NCAA men's basketball tournament?

3 schools louisville, Kentucky and western Kentucky

How many NCAA tournament teams are from NJ in 2012?

There were no schools from New Jersey represented in the 2012 NCAA men's basketball tournament.

What current schools have seven straight NCAA tournament appearances?


What state has sent the most different schools to the NCAA basketball tournament since the tournament started?


What schools have never played in the NCAA men's basketball tournament?


Which five schools have the most NCAA tournament losses in basketball history?

The five with the most losses (including the 2007 tournament) are: - Kentucky, 44 - North Carolina, 38 - Kansas, 35 - Louisville, 34 - UCLA, 33 Reference:

What BCS schools have never won an NCAA Tournament basketball game?

northwest university

What 4 schools have more tournament appearances than Louisville?

Kentucky Duke UNC UCLA

Where are the schools located that are in the NCAA tournament?

The schools that participate in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship vary across the United States.

What states are represented in the NCAA men's basketball championship?

The NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, also known as March Madness, represents many schools across the United States. In 2014, for example, the Final Four included teams from Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

Who was the first coach to take four different schools to the NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Eddie sutton

What is the colorful thing at center court of the Big Ten men's basketball tournament?

It's the Big Ten Basketball Tournament Logo. It is each schools two main colors as if they were pennants in a circle. It also has a image of a basketball net (white lines) as if you were looking up through it.

Top 3 schools for total basketball wins?

Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolian

Which Top 3 schools with most NCAA basketball wins?

University of Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kanss.

How many college coaches have taken four different teams to the NCAA basketball tournament?

Rick Pitino has taken 3 different schools to the Final Four: Providence, Kentucky and Louisville. No one has ever taken 4 different teams to the Final Four.

How many states are not represented in the NCAA tournament?

In the 2013 NCAA men's basketball tournament, there were no schools from the following 19 states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming.

How are teams selected to play in the men's NCAA basketball tournament?

There are 65 teams selected to play in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. 30 teams are selected by winning their conference tournaments. The Ivy League conference winner is also selected even though they don't have a conference tournament. The other 34 teams are selected by the NCAA selection committee. The selection committee is made up of ten athletic directors and conference commissioners from Division I men's and women's basketball. With a mix of Major and "mid-major" schools being represented. Generally, any team in the top 25 is assured a seed in the tournament. Many of the teams not assured of a spot in the tournement do not know if they will be selected until the selections are announced on TV on Selection Sunday. The women's tournament selection process is basically the same as the men's selection process.

What coaches have taken 4 different Division 1 basketball teams schools to the NCAA Tournament?

Eddie Sutton was the first (and maybe the only) coach to do it. Creighton in 1974, Arkansas in 1977, Kentucky 1n 1986 and Oklahoma State in 1991. Tom Penders (Rhode Island, Texas, George Washington, Houston) and Rick Pitino (Boston, Providence, Kentucky, Louisville) have also done it.

How many division I basketball teams have not been to ncaa tournament?

Only five schools have failed to make a single NCAA Tournament since the NCAA adopted the "Division 1" format in 1947.Northwestern is the only "BCS" conference team to never reach the tournament. The other four schools are Army, William & Mary, Saint Francis NY and The Citadel.

How much money do schools get for playing in the NCAA men's basketball tournament?

More than they need they make around 3 million every time they play

What schools in college basketball have the most wins alltime?

for mens bball it is Kentucky no ucla for womens college bball-Tennessse

What schools played in the first NCAA basketball tournament?

1939 was the first NCAA tournament. The teams participating were: Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah State, Villanova, Brown, Wake Forest, Ohio State Ohio State and Oregon played in the Final with Oregon winning the first NCAA Tournament.

How many teams played in the 1939 NCAA tournament?

Eight teams took part in the 1939 NCAA Men's Division I basketball tournament. Oregon won the title and Ohio State was the runner-up. It was the first title game for both schools.

What are the 6 schools who have the most winning history in ncaa division 1 men's basketball?

North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA, Indiana, Duke