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He didn't achieve this feat in first-class cricket but in a match that occurred at Blackheath, in the Blue Mountains, on November 2nd (or sometime in December, depending on which source you believe). The match was between a side representing Blackheath and a team from Lithgow. Bradman had been invited to play for Blackheath along with another Test player, Wendell Bill.

Bradman scored 256 which included a hundred scored in three consecutive 8-ball overs. In the three overs, he scored 10 sixes, 9 fours, a two and 2 singles. From another source, the full score for the three overs -

1st Over; 66424461 (33)

2nd Over 64466464 (40)

3rd Over 16611446 (27) It seems 2 of the singles were made by Wendell Bill.

Wendell Bill scored a couple of singles in the third over to return the batting to the Don.

[A source I read over fifty years ago attributed all the runs to Bradman with him retaining the batting at the end of the second over with a five - presumably a single and four overthrows. However, that was a long time ago and the source - the Wizard comic - may not be acceptable even if my memory hasn't tricked me]

- the first report appears most credible to me - when observing the scoreboard and who would have been on the 'strike end' during the middle of the 3rd over and, also, its probable commencement - Denidowi

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Q: How many runs did don bradman need in his last innings to get 100 runs?
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