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Either One Inning, or One putout or assist.

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Q: How many innings does a baseball position player need to play to become official?
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What is the number of innings required to make a baseball game official?

In a nine inning game, to become an official game, it must go 5 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead, or 6 complete innings if the home team is behind.

During what inning does a Major League Baseball game become official?

Since professional baseball games are normally nine innings long, the fifth inning is used as the threshold for an official game, since it is roughly the halfway mark.

How many innings must you play for a NCAA softball game to be official?

A normal softball game in the NCAA is seven innings. In order to meet the requirements for an official NCAA softball game, the game must finish five full innings if it has been stopped due to rain. This means that both the home and away teams must be both at bat and on the field five times. Another way for the game to become official is for the home team to be ahead by eight runs after five innings have been played.

Do stats count in a rained out baseball game?

Once the game is started it must go 5 and a half innings to become official, if it does not the stats do not count, and the game is replayed. If it does, whenever the game is called it counts as an official game no matter how many innings are played and the stats count. If it goes further than 5 1/2 but the score is tied the game counts as a draw and re-scheduled but the stats are counted from the draw.

When baseball become a official sport?

It was invented in 1866 by Alexander Cartwright

When does a high school baseball lineup cards become official?

When it is presented to the umpire at home plate.

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When did the New York Yankees become an official Major League Baseball team?

The Yankees became an official MLB team in 1901, they were then known as the Baltimore Orioles.

What is needed to become a teacher in NJ?

To find out what is needed to become a teacher in New Jersey, you will need to go to the official school websites and read through the job requirements for each teacher position.

When do baseball lineup cards become official?

when it the home team line up card is handed to the home plate umpire.

What makes an adoption official?

An adoption become official when a judge signs the official papers for it. Once a judge declares an adoption official and signs the papers, it will become legal.

When did Halloween become an official holiday in America?

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