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Q: How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar score in IPL match by match?
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Who score so many century in cricket?

sachin tendulkar

How many Man of The Match Award for Sachin tendulkar?


How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar score on his One-Day International debut?

Sachin Tendulkar scored a duck on his One-Day International debut, followed by another in his second ODI match two and a half months later.

How many test match won under sachin tendulkar?


How many twenty twenty matches Sachin Tendulkar has played?

sachin tendulkar has played only one twenty-twenty international match.

How many centuries has Sachin Tendulkar scored?

Sachin Tendulkar is the only batsman in the world cricket to score 'century of the centuries' (49 in ODI+5I in Test=100).

How many half centuries did Sachin Tendulkar score in first-class cricket?

In 310 first-class matches, Sachin Tendulkar scored 116 half-centuries.

How many matches did Sachin Tendulkar take to score his first century?

Sachin scored his first ODI Century while playing his 88th Match

How many centuries has Sachin Tendulkar scored in first-class cricket?

Sachin taken 51 centuries in Test Cricket and 49 centuries in ODI cricket. Total centuries of Sachin Tendulkar 100. Awais Khan.

How many centuries has Sachin Tendulkar scored in world cup matches?

five century score sachin tanduklar in world cup

How many matches did it take for Sachin Tendulkar to score his first one-day hundred?


How many runs did sachin score in his ODI debut?

Sachin One Day International (ODI) debut on December 18 was disappointing. He was dismissed without scoring a run, again by Waqar Younis.RegardsNitin0(2)