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6 runs is the most number of runs you can score if the ball is alright but sometimes a bowler bowls a no balls and you get 7 runs.......

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Q: How many runs can score in a ball?
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When a ball is hit out of the ground how many runs do you score?

only 6

What does the batsman have to do to score six runs?

To score six runs, a batsmen must hit the ball over the boundary rope without it coming into contact with the ground. However, it is possible to score six runs if you hit the ball, run for two, and then the ball is overthrown to the boundary for four more runs. It is also possible to score a six by running three, then the ball being overthrown and then running three more or running six runs after hitting the ball

How many maximum runs a batsman can run hitting a ball without boundaries?

a batsman can score any number of runs by running.

Who was the first player to score 12 runs on one ball?


Hi im doing an assignment on cricket how many runs does a batsman score if they score?

In cricket, the batsman can score any number of runs, depending on how well they hit the ball. However, many times they manage to run across the pitch and touch the ground at the end before the fielder knocks off the bail, is the amount of runs they score.

How many runs score on a baseball grand slam?

There are 4 runs in a grand slam because of the 3 people on the bases and the one who hit the ball.. :)

How many runs can you score in a ball in cricket?

well it depends on wether you think its safe to run but as many as you want i guess but its usually 6

Which player score 50 runs in minimum ball in 20-20 cricket?

yuvaraj sing 12 ball 50 runs againest England

How do you use a bat in cricket?

A - to stop ball hitting wicket B - to score runs

How do you use a cricket bat?

A - to stop ball hitting wicket B - to score runs

How many runs can you score in a test match?

there's no limit of the number of runs you can score in a test match.....

How do you score a lost ball?

you cant score a lost ball a lost ball is just a lost ball.

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