How many rules were originally intended for basketball?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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originally 13 rules, written by James Naismith

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Q: How many rules were originally intended for basketball?
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How many basketball rules ar there?

Too many to count!

Rules of basketball that aren't in basketball now?

There are many like the shotclock violation, 8second rule

How many seconds are timeouts in elementary basketball?

It depends on the P.E. teacher. Really, elementary basketball doesn't have perfectly set rules, and they vary from school to school.

What improvements would you make to the game basketball?

i'd say the rules too many rulles to follow

How do you find NBA rules?

There are too many NBA rules to take in. I recommend watch a lot of NBA games and play a lot of NBA basketball video games such as 2K.

How many minutes at first rules of basketball?

well, if your question made any sense at first, I would indeed think that you may possibly be asking "How many minutes are in the first quarter of Basketball". But if you knew anything about basketball, which you dont, or anything about grammar, which you dont, you will be happy to know that each quarter in a game of Basketball is 12 minutes.

Was basketball made for girls?

Dr. Naismith originally made it for his PE class maybe all boy or mixed gender.

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There are eight rules encompassing 50 articles, covering equipment and facilities, regulations regarding teams, players, captains and coaches, playing regulations violations, fouls and their penalties, special situations, and the officials and table officials.

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