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There are no specific record of how many total he has played because most are aimed at regional and international games whilst local places are not routinely covered. However he has played for his country 31 times

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Q: How many rugby matches has gavin henson?
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How many international rugby matches did will carling play in?

He has played 72 rugby games for England.

How many rugby matches have ended 0 0?

567 rugby matches in history have ended up 0-0. hehe

How many trys has Gavin Henson scored?

25 tries which include Ospreys, Wales A, Wales, and Wales U21.

How many times have Ireland beaten France at rugby?

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Rugby games are a popular sport shown on the Sky Sports channel. Many matches are shown, including matches between popular teams such as the Highlanders, Barbarians, and the Stormers.

Do women referee rugby?

Yes there are female referees registered with the IRB and they do manage many top games - at this time they only handle female rugby matches

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