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Q: How many rookies and veterans are signed up for this race?
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How many veterans are signed up for 2011 iditarod race?

how many veterans signed up for the 2011 iditarod race

How many rookies in Iditarod race?

72 rookies registered for this years iditarod .thats all i no about this cold harsh race

How many rookies are registered for this years iditarod race?

15 entered this years race i counted

How many Veterans are registered for this years race?


What does it mean when a race-car has a yellow strip on its back?

It means the driver is a rookie to that race series.

How many mushers have signed up to run the race this year?

There are 16 to 18

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Who are the only two rookies to win the all-star race?

Andrew Cogliano won in 2007 and Michael Grabner, who faced another rookie Taylor Hall in final, won in 2011.

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Please tel meeee

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