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Two - 1981 and 1984. Rice was drafted in 1985.

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Q: How many rings did joe Montana win without Jerry Rice?
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Who were the wide receivers for joe Montana?

Jerry rice

When did Joe Montana Jerry Rice roger Craig play together?

Craig, Rice, and Montana were all members of the San Francisco 49ers between 1985-1990.

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about $1000

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How much is an official 49er helmet signed by both Joe Montana and Jerry Rice worth?

about 2,500

Who was mvp for all super bowl win for 49ers?

1981 Joe Montana 1984 Joe Montana 1988 Jerry Rice 1989 Joe Montana 1994 Steve Young

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Some people would say Jerry Rice but i think its Joe Montana cause Rice had alot of games where he was really quite and Joe Montana was always on top.Hes the best in my opinion.