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In the Moto GP Class, there are 21 full time riders.

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Q: How many riders are there in the motoGP?
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Are there any gay MotoGP riders?

NO there is not

Current motogp riders never to win a motogp?

Collin Edwards, Randy De Puniet, Alex De Anglis, Mika Kallio, Gabor Talmacsi, James Toselamd & Niccolo Canepa are the riders currrently in MotoGP that have not won a race in the MotoGP class.

How much do MotoGP riders earn?

Riders new to MotoGP may start as low as $250,000 ( depending on the team ) to Valentino Rossi who earned 32 million $ in 2008. ( source - Forbes magazine ).

Who are the top riders in the MotoGP?

Valentino Rossi is the #1 motorcycle racer in MotoGP & on Earth. Jorge Lorenzo is # 2 Casey Stoner is # 3

What courses do the MotoGp riders like best?

automobiles and technic in bike engines are also

What is the height of a motoGp rider alvaro bautista?

167cm p/s: you can view all the riders profile in all three categories in motogp official website.

Which country is the best to take motogp training and to build motogp as a career?

It is said to be best in Spain to start a Motorcycle racing career, as they have the best programme for moving up the ranks, in which many riders end in Moto GP.

Are MotoGP riders fit?

Oh yes they have to be very ,very fit in both mind and body.

How many MotoGp Championships has Valentino Rossi won?

Rossi won his 9th MotoGP World championship in 2009.

How much do motogp riders get paid?

to answer your question ice cream is made from milk i think they freeze the milk and like mix it and stuff go figure.

How many deaths in motogp?

14 in the last 30 years

What is a MotoGp Motorcycle?

The motorcycles used in MotoGP™ are purpose-built, pure bred racing bikes prototypes which are not available for purchase by the general public and cannot be legally ridden on public roads.The technical regulations to which Grand Prix teams must adhere to when they build their bikes for MotoGP™ competition provide a simple guide to the type of machinery the riders use.For more information visit at

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