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Q: How many regular season touchdown passes did Dan Marino throw at the Orange Bowl?
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How many regular-season touchdown passes did Dan Marino throw at the Orange Bowl?


Who are the top ten quarterbacks in touchdown passes?

brady, manning, marino

Which player did Peyton Manning break the record for throwing 49 touchdown passes?

Peyton manning broke dan marino's record.

How many touchdown passes does Aaron Rodgers have?

45 for the 2011/2012 regular season

How many passes did Dan Marino attempt in his career?

Dan Marino's career regular season totals are 4,967 completions in 8,358 attempts.

Which nfl quarterbacks have thrown over 40 touchdown passes in a single season?

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Kurt Warner

For which school did quarterback Dan Marino play football?

Pittsburgh Panthers' Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino finished his 1979 to 1982 college career with Pitt having thrown 74 touchdown passes.

Who has the Most touchdowns in college football in a career?

Dan Marino with 420 touchdown passes. Only player in the 400 pass club. Brett Favre is the only player in the 500 touchdown pass club.

What player has 100 plus touchdown passes?

Brett Favre,Dan Marino,John Elway ....geez alot do actually but here is a few easy one to start you off

How many touchdown passes did Joe Montana have before the catch?

39. He had 35 in the 1979-81 regular seasons and four in the playoffs before the last-minute touchdown to Dwight Clark. It was Montana's 40th touchdown of his career to that point.

Who has the most touchdown passes in the NFL?

Brett Favre has thrown the most touchdown passes in NFL history, with 508.

Which Miami Dolphins qb had the season record for most touchdowns before Peyton Manning and Tom Brady beat his record?

Dan Marino had 48 touchdown passes in 1984 with the Dolphins