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Usually 3

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Q: How many refs are in a NFL football game?
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How many refs on NFL field?

there are six refs in a NFL football game

How many challenges are allowed per football game on college football.?

The coach is allowed 1 challenge per half, but unlike the NFL every play in college can be reviewed by the refs challenge or no.

How much do nfl refs make per game?

about 300 dollars

Why do the refs in the NFL make or miss calls that hinder the outcome of a Vikings game?

It can seem, sometimes, that the Refs in a football game make or miss calls in favor of one team or against another. This really isnt the case though. The refs can and do make the wrong call, miss calls, etc, but thats just because they are human, and humans can make mistakes. So be calm and realize that there really aren't refs in the NFL with an anti-Minnesota Vikings agenda.

How many officials are on the field during an NFL football game?

There are seven officials during a NFL game

What is a sentence for rigorously?

Green Bay RIGOROUSLY fought the Replacement Refs claiming that it was an interception not a touchdown after the final play of the third week game of NFL football against the Sea Hawks.

How many viewers does NFL football get for a regular game?

About 170,000

How many footballs are needed for nfl football game?


What was the lowest scoring NFL game?

The refs could not agree on a safety so they only gave them 1point

What football is used in an NFL game?

a football

A touchdown is worth how many points in a football game?

A touchdown is worth 6 points in an NFL football game.

Do nfl refs have to go to college?

no but you do, college