How many referees in a pro football game?

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Q: How many referees in a pro football game?
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Other than the umpire how many referees are there in pro football?

There are 6 other officials.For a usual NFL game, the following are the seven assigned officials :UmpireRefereeHead LinesmanLine JudgeBack JudgeSide JudgeField Judge(see related link)

When was Pro Football Hall of Fame Game created?

Pro Football Hall of Fame Game was created in 1962.

Can you take your concealed weapon to a pro football game?

No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed at a pro football game.

Is All pro football the coolest football video game?


When was the first pro football game?

The very first pro football game in the United States was in 1892. The Alleghany Athletic Association played the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. A more organized schedule of pro football came about in 1920.

How does one play Pro Football Pickem?

Pro Football Pick'em is an online football orientated game, in which the objective is to accumulate points through the selection of winning football teams. The game can be played online through Yahoo.

History of pro football?

The history of Pro football in the United States includes its first game in 1895. The first game was played in Pennsylvania and the quarterback was paid 10 dollars per game.

Length of timeouts in pro football game?

60 seconds

When did pro football go to 16 game season?


How do they pick referees for the Pro Bowl?

they randomly pick a city

How many game balls are used in pro sports basketball baseball football?

I know there are 24 used in football all supplied by the home team.

How much do pro football players get paid a game?

50 cent per game

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