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676 receiving yards

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Q: How many receiving yards did James Jones have in 2007?
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Most receiving yards in one season in the NFL?

As of the 2007 season, the NFL record for receiving yards in a single season is held by Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers who had 1,848 receiving yards in 1995.

How many receiving yards was the most Chad Johnson had in a season?

Through the 2008 season, that was 2007 when he had 1440 receiving yards and 8 TDs on 93 receptions. He had 1432 receiving yards and 9 TDs on 97 receptions in 2005.

How many receiving yards did Antonio Gates have in 2007?


How many receiving yards did Reggie Wayne have against New Orleans in the 2007 season opener?

115 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns on 7 receptions,

How many TD's did James Jones have in 2007?


Which individual player lead the NFL in all purpose yards in 2007?

That was Josh Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns with 2,312 (37 yards receiving, 61 yards rushing, 405 yards on punt returns, 1,809 yards on kickoff returns).

When was James Jones drafted?

Packers #3 - 2007, 78th overall

How many receiving yards did Daunte Stallworth get in week 1 against the jets?

In the 2007 season opener for the Patriots, which they won 38-14 over the Jets, Dante Stallworth caught 1 pass for 19 yards.

How many players have rushed for over 100 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2005?

Between the beginning of the 2005 regular season and the AFC Championship game played 1/23/11 ... 4: 1) Edgerrin James, Colts - 124 yards on November 28, 2005. 2) Thomas Jones, Jets - 117 yards on November 18, 2007. 3) Fred Taylor, Jaguars - 147 yards on December 16, 2007. 4) Ray Rice, Ravens - 141 yards on December 27, 2009.

Who is the NCAA Division 1A single season receiving yardage leader?

As of the 2009 season, the single season receiving yards record is 2060 set by Trevor Insley of the University of Nevada in 1999. He caught 134 passes that season. Followed by Troy Edwards of Louisiana Tech in 1998 with 1996 yards. Then, Michael Crabtree of Texas Tech with 1963 yards in 2007. source:

How many players rushed for 100 yards or more against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2007?

2 ... Thomas Jones of the New York Jets had 117 yards rushing and Fred Taylor of the Jacksonville Jaguars had 147.

How many rushing yards did Matt Forte have in 2007 in college?

2007 rushing yards

How many yards did lt run in 2007?

if you meanLaDainian Tomlinson then it was 1474 yards in the 2007 -2008 season. Or if you mean the record setting 2006-2007 season t was 1815 yards.

How much rushing yards did Tony Romo make in 2007?

In 2007 Tony had 129 rushing yards.

Who holds the single game record for receiving yards in college football?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the Division 1A single game record for receiving yards is held by Troy Edwards of Louisiana Tech who caught 21 passes for 405 yards against Nebraska on August 29, 1998.In Division 1AA, the record is held by Kassim Osgood of Cal Poly who caught 17 passes for 376 yards in a game against the University of Northern Iowa on November 4, 2000.

How many yards did Fred Taylor rush for in 2007 playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

He ran for 1,202 yards in 2007.

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How many passing yards did Eli Manning have for the 2007 season?

Eli Manning threw for 3,336 yards in the 2007 regular season.

Who are the 100 yard rushers against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the last 5 years?

November 18, 2007: Thomas Jones (117 yards) - New York JetsDecember 16, 2007: Fred Taylor (147 yards) - Jacksonville JaguarsDecember 27, 2009: Ray Rice (141 yards) - Baltimore Ravens

What is the most passing yards by Tom Brady in a season?

4,806 yards in 2007

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