How many ran in the 2012 Boston Marathon?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How many ran in the 2012 Boston Marathon?
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How many people ran in the 2014 Boston marathon?

36,000 people competed in the 2014 Boston marathon

How many people ran the marathon 2012?


How many people ran the london 2012 marathon?


Was there a guy from Montana that ran the marathon in Boston?

no you stupid hoe

Who ran the fastest marathon?

Geoffrey Mutai ran 2:03:02 at the 2011 Boston Marathon. The recognized IAAF world record (2:03:38) however was set by Patrick Makau at the 2011 Berlin Marathon.

Who ran the first marathon?

John J. McDermott was the winner of the first annual Boston Marathon in 1897. It was the first marathon of its kind in the US.

What is the fastest debut marathon time ever recorded?

Moses Mosop of Kenya ran 2:03:06 at the 2011 Boston Marathon