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Q: How many races have Allen Moore run in?
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How many races were run in the 1967 NASCAR season?

48 races were run

How many 5K races do you run in a year?

i run 2 or 3 a year

How many stake races did the original owner of the track where the Kentucky Derby is run set up What were names of these races What were the names of the races he wanted them to be similar to?


How many races have been run at Churchill Downs?


How many running races are run at an Olympic games?


How many greyhounds run in greyhound races?

About 7-8

How many races did Bill Elliott run in 2011?

Bill Elliott ran five races in 2011.

What races are run at Saratoga Race Course?

They have horse races and car races.

What are the different races for track?

There are many races you can run and many depend on what is offered to you. The commons are 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 100 meter hurdles, and possibly the two mile. The types of relays are 400, 800, 1600, and 3200. You can also have races such as stepple chase.

How many races has rachel Alexandra lost?

As of May, 2010, she has run in 16 races, winning 11 times, finishing 2nd 4 times and finishing 6th once.

Is the Belmont Horse Race run on grass tuf?

No, just like the other two Triple Crown races, the Belmont is run on dirt. There aren't many major American turf races, but they race primarily on turf in most other countries.

How many formula one races have been run in the US?

64 Races have been held in the US. This is from 6 different F1 Grand Prix's. 35 of them is from the United States Grand Prix.

Trish 16 races this fall if she plans to increase her number of races by 17 next year what is the reasonable number of races she will run?


How many Formula One races have there been since the sport started?

Counting from the start of the first Formula One season in 1950, and including the 12 races that have been run in the 2013 season as of the time of this answer, there have been a total of 890 Formula One races.

How many races per year does Nascar race?

These are the top three series in Nascar and the total amount of races they run per year:Sprint Cup - 36 racesNationwide - 33 racesCamping World Truck - 22 races

Which races are run over 300m?

Hurdles racing can be 300m or more. As can the relay races and steeplechases. Sprints can also have 400m races. There are also the long distance races, like marathons.

How many Nascar Nationwide Series races has Nelson Piquet Jr. run in?

As of October 5, 2013, Nelson Piquet Jr. ran in 33 Nascar Nationwide Series races.

How many runners can run in a High school 3200 meter race?

It can vary. I have known some races with 35 runners.

Did George Washington run races?


What are 15 vivid verbs of run?


How do you delete ducks on duck life?

A duck will run in races.

Who sang Run rabbit run rabbit run run run?

Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen

How do you join a dino run race?

when in the multiplayer lobby of dino run there should be races to the left of the screen .on the left of the screen where the races are it says how many people are in the race , what the name of the race is and the level you will be racing but to actually join one you just need to click the race you would like to join.

How much faster do you run on relays compare to flat?

It depends on the age of yourself. 30 - 40 ---- you will run atleast 6 kph (kilometers per hour) in flat races 20- 29 ---- you will run atleast 5kph more in flat races 0 - 19 ---- you will run atleast 4.5 kph more in flat races

Kira runs in long-distance races. She trains for the races by running every day. If the number of miles Kira ran last month is divided by 3, the answer is 83 with a remainder of 1. How many miles did she run last month?

the answer is 450