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Q: How many races did cale yarborough win?
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What is the record laps of a win in NASCAR?

500 laps by Cale Yarborough at Bristol

Who was the first driver in Nascar history to win three chamionships in a row?

Cale Yarborough.

Who is the only driver to win 3 consecutive Winston cup championships?

Cale Yarborough The only NASCAR Winston Cup driver to win three consecutive championships (1976, '77 and '78), Cale Yarborough earned 83 NASCAR Winston Cup victories and 70 pole positions in a career that spanned four decades. His win total places him fifth on the all-time list, and his pole position total is the third-most in NASCAR Winston Cup history.

How many races did Seattle slew win?

Seattle Slew win 14 races

How many races did Wilma Rudolph win?

14 races

How many races did Bluenose win?

two(2) races

How many races did Tomas Schecter win?


How many races did secretariat win in his lifetime?

19/20 Races!

How many races do BMW win?


How many races did pharlap win?


Has anyone besides Jimmie Johnson won 4 championships in a row in Nascar?

No. Jimmie Johnson is the only driver to win four straight Nascar championships. Cale Yarborough won three in a row from 1976-1978. In 2010, Jimmie Johnson won his fifth straight championship.

How many races did Shergar win?

Shergar won 6 races out of the 8 that he ran in.