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9 queens is possible(8 pawns promote into queens, 1 queen to start with).

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Q: How many queens can you have in a single time in chess on your side?
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Can there be 2 queens on the same side in chess?

Yes. You can get an additional queen for every pawn you promote.

What are the names of the chess pieces called?

knight pawn king queen rook/queens side castle and bishop

How many bishops in chess board game?

in a chess game there are four bishops.Two on each side

Can you have three Queens in chess?

No, each player can only ever have one Actually Yes, if you get pawns to your opponents side of the board you can change it to a queen.

How many chess pieces are in the game chess at the start?

There are 32 pieces total, 16 per side.

How many points is a stalemate in chess?

Since a stalemate is a draw game, in tournament chess or scoring chess, each side would score half a point.

What is the maximum number of queen a player can have in a game by one side?

I assume you mean the game of chess. The player starts out with one queen; the only way to get additional queens is to promote pawns - convert pawns into queens by taking them to the far end of the board (row 8 for white, row 1 for black). Since there are eight pawns that can be converted to queens, that makes a theoretical maximum of 9 queens, assuming standard chess rules are followed.

How many pices are on one side of the chess borad?

There are 16 chess pieces on side of a chess board. Each player receives the same number of pieces and must eliminate the other player's king to win.

How long is queens blvd?

from one edge of queens to the other side of queens

What is the chance that a pawn will reach the other side of the board in chess?

Chess is not a game of probability. The chance of any single event occurring in a match depends entirely on the players involved and the strategems and tactics they use.

How many kings take part in a chess game?

One king for each side.

How many pawns are included in a standard chess set?

8 pawns on each side.

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