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The most hated quarterback in the NFL...Tim Tebow.

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Q: How many quarterbacks have won 2 or more national championships?
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How many national championships did the Huskers win?

They have won 5. One in 1970 and then in 1971 under Bob Devaney. Then 3 more under Tom Osborne in 1994, 1995, and 1997. 5 total.

How many national titles does LSU have in all sports?

LSU has two national championships in football (1958, 2003), and will very likely have another (2007) by the time you read this. LSU has five national championships in baseball (1991, 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000). Men's indoor track and field: 2 Women's indoor track and field: 11 Men's outdoor track and field: 4 Women's outdoor track and field:13 (The women's track teams, both indoor and outdoor, have won more national championships since 1987 than all other schools combined during that stretch. 4 national championships in Men's Golf. 1 in boxing. Total: 42 (soon to be 43)

How many championships have the New York Yankees won?

The New York Yankees have appeared in 40 World Series championships, and won 27 of them. They have more championships than any other North American franchise in professional sports history.

Who has more Championships Lakers or Celtics?


Which NFL team has won the most championships?

The Green Bay Packers have the most NFL championships with 9 Championships and 4 Super Bowls. The Green Bay Packers have won more NFL Championships than any other franchise in the history of the NFL. This is not to say that they have won the most Super Bowls. Through the 2010-2011 season the Packers have won 13 NFL Championships followed by the Chicago Bears with 9 and the New York Giants with 7.

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How many national championships does UK have in basketball?

The University of Kentucky has 7 National Championships, and many more to come.

How many National championships does Georgia Tech have?

georgia tech have won 4 national championships. that is 2 more than UGA

Who are the quarterbacks in the history of the NFL that have won 3 or more championships?

Brady Montana Bradshaw Aikman

How many national championships has auburn played in?

more times than u have

Who had more national football championships Michigan or Michigan State?

The Michigan Wolverines have more National Championships with 11. The Michigan State Spartans have six.

Who has more national championships Missouri or Kansas?

Kansas. Kansas has won 13 national championships and Missouri has won 2.

Who had more national basketball championships Michigan or Michigan State?

Michigan State has 2 men's basketball national championships and Michigan has 1.

Who has more national championships Michigan or Ohio State?


Who has more sports national championships Michigan or Duke?


How many national championships in football has Georgia Tech won?

Answer Georgia Tech has received 4 National Championships: 1917, 1928, 1952, and most recently in 1990. That is 2 more than UGA. ;P

Who had more national championships duke or North Carolina?

North Carolina has won 5 national championships, in 1957, 1982, 1993, 2005, 2009. Duke has won 4, in 1991, 1992, 2001 & 2010. Teams with more or the same amount of championships than UNC and Duke: UCLA - 11 Championships Kentucky - 7 Championships Indiana - 5 Championships Connecticut - 4 Championships Kansas - 3 Championships

Who has played in more national championships in 10 years?

THE Ohio State Buckeyes

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