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You're comparing apples to Oranges, here. completing one push up means you're lifting only a fraction of your boly weight (roughly 2/3). By this definition, you'd only have to do two push ups before you'd done more "work" (as in "Joules") than one repition of benching your own body weight, however, as experience will tell you, the latter is actually much more difficult.

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No matter how many push ups you do it will not equal benching 115 pounds. Why? because push ups are like a mix of cardio excersises and power. this is called an endurance work-out. To have relatively the same work-out as bench pressing 115 pounds once, I would do four push-ups depending on your size.

put both hands on your scale, get in the push up position, and see how much you weight. i guess you would be doing endurance training.

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Just saying one bench rep is not specific enough, you could be talking about 225 lbs, or 95 lbs.

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There is no accurate way to do this. They are separate exercises with too many variables.

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Q: How many push ups equal bench pressing 115 pounds?
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