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there are 30 hockey teams in the nhl

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Q: How many pro hockey teams are there?
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How many pro hockey teams are there in the US?

24 teams.

Is pro hockey on the decline?

no its not theres still many pro teams out there.

How many games do pro hockey teams play in a season?

82 regular season games exist in a season.

How many hockey teams is there?

Well, there are many different hockey teams around the world, but in the NHL, there are 30 teams in total.

What are some pro sport teams that begin with A?

Hockey: Atlanta Thrashers & Anahiem Ducks

How many professonal hockey teams are there in the world?

While the NHL is the top, the best, pro league in the world with 30 teams, there are many pro leagues throughout the world. There are at least 6 pro leagues in North America alone besides the NHL. Then you must consider that Sweden, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, ETC, have their own pro leagues. For example there are at least three levels of pro hockey in Sweden alone that I know of. I haven't counted all teams in all leagues, but I would be safe in saying that there are at least several hundred pro teams in the world, even in Australia.

How many NFL pro teams are there?

They are 32 pro football teams in the NFL.

How many team hockey?

30 hockey teams in the league

How many teams are their in ice hockey?

There are 30 teams in the NHL and thousands of teams playing ice hockey around the world. Too many to count.

How many hockey teams are in the NHL in 2010?

30 teams

How many American hockey teams are in the NHL?

24 teams

How many NHL teams are there in Idaho?

There are no hockey teams in Idaho.

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