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Q: How many pro baseball teams?
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How many pro baseball teams are there in Missouri?

There are four pro baseball teams in Missouri

How many pro baseball teams are there?


Who many pro baseball teams are there?


How many teams are in pro baseball?


How many baseball teams does New York have?

Well, there are many baseball teams in the state of New York, but there are only two pro teams, the Yankees and the Mets

How many pro teams have moved out of New York city?

The Giants and Dodgers baseball teams and the Jets and Giants football teams

How many NFL pro teams are there?

They are 32 pro football teams in the NFL.

How many pro hockey teams are there in the US?

24 teams.

How many pro hockey teams are there?

there are 30 hockey teams in the nhl

Is pro hockey on the decline?

no its not theres still many pro teams out there.

What are two of Florida's pro sports teams?

Tampa Bay Rays and the Florida Marlins pro baseball team

How many pro football teams are in the national Football League?

32 teams

How many pro football teams are there?


How many pro football teams exist?

In the National Football League there are 32 teams.

How many pro sports teams does texas have?


How many pro football teams does Pennsylvania have?

2 teams. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles.

How many professional football teams are there?

pro football otherwise known as the NFL has 32 teams.

How many baseball teams are there today?

30 teams

How many baseball fields are in South Korea?

2 Baseball fields are in South Korea because it is not popular there This answer is really wrong. Actually, there are 9 pro baseball field for pro league and hundered of field for amature baseball teams. Baseball is one of top sports in southkorea and most popular sports.

Is baseball one of the least popular sports?

No. There are 30 pro teams, and baseball is known as "America's Pastime". it is very popular.

What pro baseball teams and pro football teams use the same stadium?

There is only one stadium used for both MLB and NFL games and that is Oakland Coliseum where both the Athletics and Raiders play.

How many outdoor pro soccer teams are in the US?

By pro I guess you mean MLS which is the first tier of American soccer, in that case it's 15 teams.

How many teams are in Baseball's American League?

There are 14 teams in baseball's American League.

How many pro baseball players are there in the world?

There Are 750 Pro Baseball Players In The World

How many pro football teams are named after a person?