How many primerships does Brisbane lions have?

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well the answer is 11 but at Brisbane lions they won 3 and that was in a row but Brisbane could have won 4 but they lost the last one and as the club was Fitzroy they won 8 !! Go Brisbane Lions

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Q: How many primerships does Brisbane lions have?
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How many premierships have Brisbane lions won?

3 as Brisbane Lions and 8 as Fitzroy

How many AFL premierships has Brisbane lions won?

11 altogether - 3 as the Brisbane Lions and 8 as Fitzroy

When was Brisbane Lions created?

Brisbane Lions was created in 1996.

Where can one purchase a Brisbane Lions shirt?

The Brisbane Lions are a team in the Australian Football League. One can purchase a Brisbane Lions shirt from many sports apparel stores, such as the AFL Footy Shop or MarketSports.

How long has the Brisbane Lions Football Club been around for?

The Brisbane Lions Football Club was established in 1996. The club was originally formed when the teams of Brisbane Bears and the Fitzroy Lions merged.

When did Brisbane lions enter afl?

Their first season was 1997 after a merger between the Fitzroy Lions and the Brisbane Bears.

Tasmanian AFL players?

Some of the players in the AFL that are from Tasmania include Russell Robertson (Melbourne Demons) Matthew Richardson (richmon tigers) Alastair Lynch (Brisbane Lions) Tom Collier (brisbane lions rookie) Justin Sherman (brisbane lions) and many more.....

How many premierships has Brisbane lions won?

3 - 2001, 2002, 2003.

When did the Brisbane lions join the AFL?

The Brisbane Lions were officially launched on 1 November 1996, joining the national competition in 1997.

What sport do the Brisbane lions play?


What is the name of the Brisbane Lions Captain?

Johnathon Brown

AFL Grand final team winners 2000 -2009?

2000 - Essendon 2001 - Brisbane Lions 2002 - Brisbane Lions 2003 - Brisbane Lions 2004 - Port Adelaide 2005 - Sydney 2006 - West Coast 2007 - Geelong 2008 - Hawthorn 2009 - Geelong

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