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he has 3 premierships, the first at North Melbourne in 1999 and then another 2 at geelong in 2007,2009,

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Q: How many premierships has Geelong star Cameron Mooney played in?
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Who has played in the most afl premierships?

Michael Tuck (Hawthorn) 7 premierships

How many premiership cups has Geelong won?

The Geelong Football Club has won 8 premierships (1925, 1931, 1937, 1951, 1952, 1963, 2007, 2009). Actually, in the earlier decades of Australian Football, the teams played off for a premiership flag; it was later changed to a cup.

Which two teams played in the first Aussie footy game?

Melbourne and Geelong Melbourne and Geelong

Which team is the best team in AFL?

The best AFL team would be either the team/s which has/have won the most premierships, or if one is meaning in current terms, then the best team is that which most recently won the premiership. Carlton and Essendon have won the most Premierships at 16 each, but Collingwood has played in the most grand finals - at 42 and lags just behind them at 15 premierships. Geelong, however, has won the most recent, 2011, premiership - and in fact, three of the last five premierships, and would have to qualify for current title as "the best team in the AFL".

Which player as played for 8 premierships teams?

andy cole

Who played in the 2007 Afl grand final?

Geelong and Port Adelaide. Geelong won by a record margin - 119 points.

When did geelong last beat st kilda in the final?

Geelong and St Kilda have never played off in a Grand Final

What college did NFL player Collin Mooney play for?

NFL player Collin Mooney played for Army.

Who played in the 1989 AFL Premiership?

Hawthorn and Geelong, Hawthorn won by 6 points. Hawthorn 21.18 [144] Geelong 21.12 [138]

What are the most commonly played songs at footballl games?

any songs that belong to the football teams as in geelong footy team their song is we are geelong.............

Who played in the 1994 AFL grand final?

Geelong and West Coast

When did St Kilda last get into the AFL Grand Final?

St Kilda last played in the September 2009 Grand Final against Geelong - which Geelong won.

Who has won most afl premierships as player and coach in total?

After some research, I believe the answer to be that there are 3 different people who answer to achieving the most premierships as VFL-AFL players and coaches: The first was Jock McHale, who won 2 premierships solely as a player for Collingwood - the first being in 1903 - his first year at the club. He then went on to coach Collingwood to a record 8 premierships = 10 total premierhips. The second was Norm Smith, who played for Melbourne Football Club from 1937. He played in 4 premierships for the club. Later he went on to coach 6 premierships over an 11 year period = 10 total premierhips. The third was Ron Barassi, who played for Melbourne, winning 6 Premierhips as a player only with that club. Following his time at Melbourne, he accepted a coaching opportunity with Carlton, which club won 2 premierships during his short stay with the club. He then went on to coach North Melbourne for a further 2 premierships = 10 total premierships! However, of those premierhips, some won by Ron Barassi and Jock McHale were achieved as playing coaches.

How many times have geelong won in 2011?

Geelong finished the Home and Away season in 2011 with 19 wins and 3 losses. They won all three finals they played.

How many games have paul Chapman of geelong football club played in 2008?

He played all games in the season.

Who played in 1992 afl grandfinal?

West Coast 16.17.113 defeated Geelong 12.13.85

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Which AFL team has played in the most premierships?

Collingwood has played in 43 grand finals (including 2 draws). This is the VFL/AFL record.

Michael tuck how many afl grand finals did he win?

He has played in 7 premierships for the Hawks, captaining 4

Who played in Fringe?

Cameron Monaghan

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Who has won the most grand finals in AFL?

Carlton has won 16 Grand Finals. Although Essendon has 16 premierships, it has won only 14 grand finals in this acievement. The premierships of 1897 and 1924 were decided by a round robin finals series and no grand final was played in those years. Importantly, however, Carlton and Essendon.....16 Premierships each

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