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Chelsea have won three Premier League titles in 2004,2005 and 2010

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Q: How many premier league titles have Chelsea won?
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How many Premier League titles has Robert Huth won?

2, he won the 2005 and 2006 Premier League titles with Chelsea.

How many titles did man united win?

19 Premier League Titles. 3 Champions League Titles. Chelsea is better.

How many premier league titles has petr cech won with chelsea?


How many honours have Chelsea won?

Chelsea have won four premier league titles, two second division titles, seven FA cups, four community shields, and one UEFA champions league titles.

How many English Premier League titles has Ryan Giggs won?

Totalled of TEN (10) Premier League titles!

How many times have Chelsea won thew premier?

3 Premier League titles, 1 old first division title. 1955, 2005, 2006 & 2010

How many Barclay's league titles do Arsenal and Chelsea have?

Arsenal has 13 league titles and Arsenal has 4 league titles.

How many times have chelsea won the FA premier league?

Chelsea has won the FA Cup seven times. It has also won the premier league four times. The premier league is the most competitive league in England.

How many Manchester City won premier league titles?

They have won 1 premier league title, 2011-2012. But they have won 2 league titles when it was League one.

Which English club has many premiership titles?

Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea Blackburn Rovers These are the only 4 teams to have won the FA Premier League with Manchester United taking the most titles since the Premier League was formed in the 90's you have forgot Liverpool

How many premier league titles have tottenaham won?


How many premier league titles has arsernal won?


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