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everyone on the team gets one...

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Q: How many possible gold medals can be won on a basketball team is it one each or one for the entire team?
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How many points are in each basketball shoot?

Each basketball is worth 2 points.

How do you get medals in worldmathday. com?

You get medals by going to each level(1,2,3,4,5) and beating you high score.

How many gold medals are there in the London 2012 Olympics?

302 Gold Medals 1 for each event

How long is each period in college basketball?

Each period in college basketball is 20 minutes long.

Do you get medals in karate?

Yes, there are many medals that can be won at competitions in kumite (fighting) and kata. There are usually medals for each category of age and belt groups.

What is the baseline in basketball?

The baseline in basketball is the end of the basketball court (each end) behind the basket

How many metals did Jamaica get in 2012 Olympics?

12 Medals 4 each of the gold Silver and Bronze Medals

How many people is in a basketball group?

Basketball teams each have 5 players.

What are the game awards on Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force?

Do you mean the medals? For each game there is a silver and gold medal. The fishing game has two gold medals and no silver medals. To figure out what you need to do to get the medals, click on mini games and it will tell you what you need for each game. Hope this helps!

How many medals are up for grabs in the 2012 games?

there are 302 events some have 2 bronze medals instead of a playoff and teams and pairs are awarded medals to each member

How many player in basketball team?

There are approximately 15 pplayers on each basketball team.

How many in basketball team player?

There are approximately 15 pplayers on each Basketball team.

How many olympic medals are there?

There are 3; gold, silver, and bronze medals are for first, second and third place winners in each category.

What medals were awarded in World War 1?

Each country awarded it's own medals. The list depends on what country you are referring to.

Who has won the most Coleman medals?

Tony Lockett, Peter Hudson, and Doug Wade each won 4 Coleman Medals.

How do you get medals on clubpenguin?

You get medals on Clubpenguin by doing missions. How you get to do a mission is by being an agent. But to be an agent, you have to go to the old Sports Shop and do the test. If you pass it, you get to be an agent and you can get all the medals on each mission.

How many players on each team are on a basketball court at the start of a game?

There are five players on the court from each team at the start of a basketball game.

What was the original number of basketball players on each side?

I think basketball has always been played with 5 members of each team on the court.

What if you are carrying more than one medal in skywar sword an example is carrying the heart treasure and rupee medals What will you see more of all three or will they cancel each other out?

I think the medals do stack with each other, meaning you get effects from all medals that you are carrying.

When are Olympic medals given out?

Olympic medals are awarded in a ceremony following the completion of each event, immediately following the certification of the results by the judges.

How much basketball would you have to play each week to reach the the benefits of basketball?

Every Day

How many gold medals are there to be won at the Olympic games?

There will be 302 gold medals, and 906 medals, in total, to be awarded in the 2008 Olympics. Obviously they make more individual medals to hand out than that because each person of team events get a medal....

How many players take the court for each team at the Basketball gameg?

Five players take the court for each team when they take the court in basketball.

When two landowners each own a 50 percent interest in property is one called owner and the other one owner secondary?

Of course not. Each is an equal owner. Each has the right to the use and possession of the entire tract.Of course not. Each is an equal owner. Each has the right to the use and possession of the entire tract.Of course not. Each is an equal owner. Each has the right to the use and possession of the entire tract.Of course not. Each is an equal owner. Each has the right to the use and possession of the entire tract.

Which sport has five players on each team?


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