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There are a number of games played in Golf. Match Play with player against player or pairs against pairs. Most match play games are stroke play which means you match strokes against strokes. All the professional games seen on television are stroke play.

In the Tournament games the players play stroke play and attempt to get the lowest number of strokes in the game to win.

The other type of play is Stableford. In this games you score points. Where you score points is dependant on how you play each hole. Scoring is as follows. Par is worth 2 points, a birdy (1 under par) is 3 points, an eagle (2 under Par) 4 points, a rare albatross (3 under par) is 5 points. A hole in one on a par three hole equals 3 points. It is possible on a short part 4 to get an eagle is worth 4 points. One over par, a bogey, is 1 point. However the scoring changes when you take handicaps into play. For example a player with a handicap of say 20 would receive an extra shot for all holes with stroke indexes 3 to 18 and two additional strokes on the holes with stroke indexes of 1 and 2. Each hole has a stroke index dependant on its difficulty. If say hole 6 is a par 4 hole and is stroke index 1 and you are a 20 handicap player, you get two extra shots. So if you play the hole in five actual shots you would get one under par in five shots for 3 points. A player with a handicap of 6 only gets extra shots on indexes 1 to 6. It sounds complicated but becomes easy when used.

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Q: How many points is an eagle worth in golf?
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