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Q: How many points for free throw mode?
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How many attack points does Stardust Dragon Assult Mode?

It has 3000 attack points.

How do you get Naruto dad in Naruto ultimate ninjastorm2?

You have to get enough storm points and you can do free battle, or you can do story mode and when you get enough storm points then you will unlock Naruto's dad.

What mode requires a wireless access points?

Infrastructure mode.

What is the mode the points scored?


How many points do you get per kill in hard core mode in modern warfare 2?

it depends to be honest, Free For All, Demolition, Domination, Headquarters, Sabotage you get 50 points per kill, Team Death-match you get 100 points and in search and destroy you get 500 points. The points don't change from normal when playing hardcore.

How do you get that mode where you throw blocks at your guy in sumotori?

you dont!

Is there a free mode in pikmin?

No, just story mode and challenge mode.

How many players can there be in free mode in gta4?

16 on consoles and 32 on pc.

Where can you get new characters in naruto shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

You can either acquire them through Story Mode (Ultimate Adventure) OR you can earn enough storm points by playing Free Battle Mode.

Is there a free mode in need for speed pro street?

in nfs pro street don't have free mode

What is the password of gangster life free mode?


How do you gain EXP Points in Battle Mode?

by winning

What does the sport mode button on a jaguar xk8 do?

The sport mode changes the shift points on the transmission.

What is the password to unlock free mode gta gangster mode?

you cant

What is free mode in Sonic the Hedgehog?

I hate to say it, but SEGA didn't put in a free mode in Sonic the Hedgehog

Where do you get points?

You get points by taking care of your pets and loving them! You can also earn points by being in Bark mode for 2 min.

How do you store your money in Black Ops 2?

To store your points on Black Ops 2, On the Zombies mode, under tranzit, if you go into the bank, throw a grenade onto the bank vault, you can go into the vault and deposit points and they will always be there for every time you play on that map.

What is the mode on a line plot?

The point (or points) where the plot is at its highest.

How do you unlock everybody on Dynasty Warriors 6?

on the mosou mode or free mode

what happens when you throw your phone out the window but it's on airplane mode?

it makes the landing

How can you tell what skill points you have achieved in challenge mode In ratchet and clank tools of destruction?

Go to the Start menu, Extras, and Skill Points. You're actually able to check your skill points even in regular mode.

Where is the place where you throw junk and it turns into stuff on club penguin?

in the recycle plant throw a snowball and it turns in to junk Insert mode

What is the meaning of stippling?

of Stipple, A mode of execution which produces the effect by dots or small points instead of lines., A mode of execution in which a flat or even tint is produced by many small touches.

How do you raise your players stats in fifa 09?

play be a pr mode and manager mode to earn exp points

How can you get a car on the Sims Bustin Out free play mode?

In order to buy a car in Free Play mode in the Sims "Bustin' Out", you must first enter build mode and build a driveway, then buy it under buy mode.