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An ace is one point

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Q: How many points for an ace in golf?
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What is ace in golf?

An ace in golf is when you get a hole in one.

Score for an ace in golf?

Score for an ace is 1.

What is an ace in golf?

An ace is another name for a hole in one.

How many points do you get for an ace in tennis?

Serving an ace in tennis is worth just as many points as serving, playing the point out, and winning it. In other words, one point.

What is a hole in one in golf called?

An ace.

Which golf term is a hole-in-1?


How many points is a hole in one in golf?

5 points

How much is an ace worth in golf?

1... An ace is also known as a "hole-in-one."

Which golf shoes are the most durable?

I have found the ECCO Golf Ace Hydromax to be durable.

How many golf world ranking points are awarded for winning the memorial? 500 points

What is another name for hole in one in golf?

An ace.

What can you do with your ace cash points?

It appears that the ACE Cash Points program by ACE Cash Express has ended. While the program was active, points could be used to purchase rewards from a prize catalog.

What are the selling points of golf?

The selling points of golf are: Golf is a sport that can keep you fit yet you can still have fun.

How many points for an ace?

1 There is no difference between an 'ace" (a point won on the service) and any other rally point in volleyball.

What are lifetime points at ace cash express?

Lifetime Points at Ace Cash Express are points credited to your personal (name) account when ever you cash a check, or purchase a money order or make a transaction at ACE. The lifetime points continue to accumulate as long as you are a customer with ACE. The greater the points you have the less time you may have cashing a check at ACE. The attendant will know immediately you have cashed checks before at ACE and will see your point history.

In golf are there any other terms for hole in one?

An ace.

How many points do you get if you score a double bogey in golf?

It depends on the par, but it is 2 points over par, which is bad.

Golf ball on a tea ace of diamond card golf ball on a tea birthday cake?

Dear sir, golf balls sit on tees, not teas. Mickey's is telling you "Tee ace Tee cake: tasty cake."

What can you do with ace points?

Ace points are accumulated to earn savings on purchases, with 2500 points earning you $5 off of your next purchase. They aren't really used for anything else.

What do you call a hole in 1 in golf?

Either a hole in one or an ace.

What sports use the term aces?

football/soccer Golf - An ace is a hole in one. Tennis - An ace is a serve that is not returned.

What is the Mickeys beer riddle golf ball on a tee ace of spades golf ball on a tee cake?

Tasty cake

What is the answer to this mickeys cap it shows a golf ball on a tee then a ace of spades then another golf ball on a tee then a cake with a candle?

tasty cake.

What are FEC in golf?

Fed Ex Cup points

How many penalty points are there if in a 4 ball you hit your ball against your partner's golf bag to your advantage?

None !