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at least 25

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Q: How many points do you need to score to be considered a great player in basketball?
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What are the average points in a basketball game?

About 19 points in the YMCA. In college maybe 50-70 points. And the NBA (National Basketball Association) is about 97 points The above answer is only half correct. In fact, Kobe Bryant, a great basketball player only averages 24.6-30.0 ppg (points per game)

Who was the first great basketball player?

George Mikan of the Minneappolis Lakers is generally regarded as the first great basketball player.

When did Great Midwest Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year end?

Great Midwest Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year ended in 1995.

When was Great Midwest Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year created?

Great Midwest Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year was created in 1992.

When was Great West Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year created?

Great West Conference Men's Basketball Player of the Year was created in 2010.

Is Isaiah salafia a good basketball player?

he is great

What is carmelo anthony's talent?

He is a great basketball player.

Why is Crosby so great?

Bing Crosby was considered the finest crooner of his time. Sidney Crosby is now considered the best hockey player with the most points this season.

What did Kobe Bryant accomplish?

he became a great basketball player

What was Michael Jordan goals?

to become a basketball player and be great at it

How was Wilt Chamberlain a hero?

by being a a great basketball player

How can you become a great basketball player?

Practice Practice Practice.

What i need to become a basketball player?

To become a basketball player in the nba you need to have great scoring range, great ball handeling skills, great defence, a good attitude, passion and love for the game

Who is Kelly Kaigler?

He is a great basketball player, I look forward to watching him were ever he continue his basketball career!

Is Michael Jordan still considered the best basketball player in the world?

Yes, definatly, no player - past or present has the athletiscm or great leaping ability that he had, plus he had so many other qualities.

According to Ackley what was it about Howie Coyle which made him a good basketball player?

Pencey basketball player Howie Coyle (from Catcher in the Rye) was thought to be a great basketball player because Ackley thinks he has a perfect build for it.

How can you be a great Basketball player?

practise and learn all the rules. dont give up on the game that will cause you to become a great player

Who is the best basketball player that Philippines ever had?

Carlos "The Great Difference" Loyzaga...

How many points did basketball great kareem abdul-jabbar score during his 20-season career?


Why is a basketball player credited with an assist?

When a player makes a great pass that sets up a teammate for a basket (that is made)

Why is James Naismith a great Canadian?

James Naismith is a great Canadian because he invented the sport of basketball. Basketball is considered by some to be the second most popular sport in the world. Note that Naismith was living in Springfield, Massachusetts, when he invented basketball.

What is the NBA's mission statement?

to become a great basketball player and achieve many goals

Who is Air Burke?

The most amazing basketball player in the world. Hes Great at everything

What is the definition of LeBron James?

A beast, he is the best basketball player in the whole friggen world. HE IS GREAT

Which basketball player went to a school in haringey and now plays for great britain?