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Man United won 28 matches and 5 matches were resulted in draw.

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Premiership - 10 times 17 in total

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Q: How many points did Manchester united win the premiership with last year?
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Who won the last premier league in 09?

Manchester United won the Premiership in 2009.

Who has scored the most premiership goals in the last five minutes of games?

Manchester United

Who won the Barclays Premiership last year?

Manchester United 2010/2011 Chelsea2009/2010

How many times have Manchester United won the Premier League in the last 10 years?

Since 2000, Manchester United have won the Premiership 6 times.

Who are the Best 3 teams in the history of the premiership?

Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal are the best 3 teams in the history of the Premiership. These teams combine for 18 of the last 19 championships.

Which teams have won the premiership over the last 20 years?

Since the Premiership has been formed in the 1992/3 season, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Blackburn Rovers have won it.

Wayne Rooney's last Everton appearance was against which Premiership team?

Manchester City

Who is the best Manchester united or Liverpool?

Liverpool and Manchester united are very close but Manchester United have played better over the last few seasons

What was the score of the last game Manchester city played Manchester united?

3-2 to manchester united

How many points did Manchester united win with last year?

This question makes no sense, hence I'm not gonna answer it, idiot

When last time Manchester United beat Manchester United?

January 2007? (2-1)

What was the last score between Manchester United and Arsenal l?

The last score between the two was 3-1 to Manchester united