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Two points

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Q: How many points are awarded when a shot inside the paint is made?
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How does Benjamin Moore paint compare to behr paint?

It far exceeds it. Benjamin Moore is made to meet quality points, while Behr is made to meet price points.

What is shoes made of in the inside?

Wood and paint

What is the difference between a 2 point and a 3 point shot?

In basketball, there is a half-circle drawn on the court (the 3 point line) with the center of the circle at the basket. Shots made from outside that half-circle are awarded 3 points, while shots inside that circle are awarded 2 points.

When was the first can of spray paint made?

The first patent for an aerosol spray paint can was awarded in Oslo in 1926. The first US Patent was awarded in 1931. The first disposable spray can wasn't marketed until 1941.

How many points for a foul in basketball'?

When a foul is committed the player receives 1 personal foul. Their opponent is allowed to shoot up to 3 foul shots depending on if the basket is made or not made when they are fouled. If the shot was not made when they shot inside the 3 point line, they are awarded 2 foul shots. If the shot was not made from the 3 point line, they are awarded 3 foul shots. If the shot is made in either situation (from the 3 point line or inside the 3 point line), they are awarded 1 foul shot.

Do you shot foul shots on a goal tend?

no the player gets the points awarded that he would have made if not interupted

How digeridoos are made?

digeridoos are made by cuting a bamboo tree , then cuting the inside out and then you paint it the way aboriginals do it

In basketball how many points are awarded for a successful free throw?

One point for each successfully made free throw.

How can a paint be made?

when was paint made

Behr ultra plus vs Benjamin Moore paint?

Behr paint is made to meet price points for retail customers at home centers while Benjamin Moore is made for quality points at dedicated paint stores. Ben Moore sells paints that are equal to the quality you can get at a home center, and they sell paints that are of a higher quality or specific application that can not be sold at a home center.

Why are cars made out of paint?

Cars are not made out of paint.

How are points scored in a regulation basketball game?

Two points for a bucket inside the arc, 3 points for shots made outside the 3 point arc and one point for a free throw

How many points are scored for a basket shot from outside the three point line?

How many points is a basket made inside the three point line

Have you used exterior paint inside?

It's not a good idea to use exterior paint indoors. Exterior and interior paints are specially made for different conditions and shouldn't be used interchangeably.

What is the paint in paint balls made of?

Its usually made of fish oil.

How is black paint made?

Black paint is made from carbon or with coal

How did Egyptians make their paint?

they made it from flowers if they wanted purple paint they got purple flowers and made paint

What is a paint can made of including the inside lining?

The plastic cans are just plastic, the metal cans are lined with a coat on teflon or lacquer.

Does OSHA require to paint the inside poles in a warehouse?

OSHA requires that obstruction be visible. How they are made visible to vehicle drivers is not specified.

How tubelights glow in buses?

tubelights in buses are made to glow by the inside being painted with this paint which glows when it comes into conatct with a noble gas for example argon. The paint glows producing a white light

Can blue paint be made from yellow paint?


Jamelle Cornley holds the current record for points scored in what area?

Answer was supposed to be "career" on Big Ten Network. But a mistake was made. Answer that was accepted is "In the paint".

How can a player score 4 points in a single shot in basketball?

This can happen when a player is fouled while shooting a 3-pointer and makes the shot. They are awarded with a free throw, in addition to making the 3-pointer. If the free throw is made, the result is 4 points.

Can you use paint thinner to thin out paint?

That is what it is made for

What is spider paint?

Paint made by spiders :D