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Q: How many plyers are on a team?
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How many plyers in basketball team?

There is a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 15 players for an NBA basketball team.

How many plyers on a soccer team?

There are 11 soccer player on the field at a time for one team, but for the whole team you would want to have about 16-18 players per team. This allows for sub's for the 11 on the field

What is the plural of Plyers?

Plyers is already plural. The singular is plyer.

How do you get a big penice?


Where is the pair of plyers in poptropica?

to get the plyers in 24 carrot you will need to find the vent system and go to the go to the place in the bottom left and corner called the procecssing room. and you use the plyers to cut the wires in the freezer room.

What rhymes with Myers?

* fires * liars * plyers

How many plyers are in a rugby game?

15 a side in the Union code and 13 a side in the League code

How do you remove a 97 Honda civic coupe dx window crank?

remove the small pin with a pair of plyers, maybe 'needlenose' plyers

How do you get snake teeth out of healed bite wound?

You grad plyers and yank it out!

How many football plyers have been caught using steriods?

i believe that around 6.99 billion football players have used the steroids mechanics

What does scientists use to organize living things?

they use plyers to organize objects

Where did Walter camp create football?

Where he could find hot plyers <3

How do you pull a tooth?

Well wiggling helps but I think you pull it out with string or plyers.

How can you get the dip stick out of a 2000 cougar that has broken off?

needle nose plyers

How many players on field defence football?

American football has 11 plyers on offense and 11 on defense. You may play with as few as 8 but no fewer.

How do you take out your earring the ball bit at the top of your ear the one is a hoop with a ball on it but it doesn't have the thin bit on it its just a thick one please help?

Plyers or go to peircin shop and they wil remoe it with plyers x

What tools do you need to change the starter on a 1992 Town car?

a wrench and some plyers.

Why did lebron James start playing basketball?

he liked to look at other plyers balls :)

Which arsenal plyers are religious?

The religious one in Arsenal are Cesc FGabregas, Allumani, and Walcott.

How do you put electric window up manualy for 2000ford Taurus?

you get plyers and yank it up

How many players were in 2010 World Cup?

As there are 32 countries and each country were allowed 23 plyers it 736 players. But all the 23 players did not play.

Where is the PCV valve- need to replace?

it is located in the upper left corner on the engine. you will need a pair of plyers to remove the hose clip... it is located in the upper left corner on the engine. you will need a pair of plyers to remove the hose clip...

How do you open the hood of your 1993 Bonneville when the release cable is broken?

You may pull the wire with a pair of plyers near the hood latch. To access it you need to reach behind the grille of the car and pull the exposed wire near the latch with the plyers

Is there anyone here who play's tales of pirates?

there are over billion plyers in tales of pirates i am one of them

Is plyers a legitimate word?

You mean the tool? PLiers? I know that is legitimate, but it depends on how u use the word.