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There is no player to ever score more than 1,000 career regular season goals, Wayne Gretzky has the most with 894.

If you combine his regular season (894) and playoffs (122), Gretzky would be the only player with over 1,000 goals.

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Q: How many players scored over 1000 goals in the NHL?
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How many players has scored 1000 goals and their names?

Romario and Pele of Brazil hold this record.

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62 Players have scored 1000+ points

How many goals romario has scored in his career?

Romario claims he has scored 1000 goals, but F.I.F.A do not recognize all of them.

How many soccer players have scored 300 goals?


How many footballers have scored over 1000 career goals?

Only two footballers Pele and Romario have scored 1000 goals, though all of Romarios goals are not counted.

How many games did Pele score?

Pele is one of the only players (along with fellow Brazilian Romario) that has scored over 1000 Goals.

How many players have scored 100 plus goals in the premier league?

Since the E.P.L started in 1992 only 18 players have scored 100 goals or more.

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How many football players have scored 999 goals?

Only two, me and you

How many goals scored by kaka in Brazil?

1000 (yaa baby)

How many career goals has romario scored?

many says that he scored 1000 goals but I heard that he got the record of top goal scoring of the world I mean he pass PELE who scored 1280 goals...

Who has the most goals ever as a player for club an country?

There are undoubtedly many players who have scored billions of goals for their local club. However if we only look at players who have played for the top clubs in the world and represented their country, the answer would have to be Pele. Pele has scored over 1000 goals for club and country, 1281 to be precise.

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MANY MANY players have scored 3 goals in a game. It's called a "hat trick."

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How many goals did Romario score in his career?

Romario claims he has scored a 1000 goals, but F.i.F.A do not agree.

How many soccer players scored 1000 goals?

Probably only these five players: Josef Bican, Gerd Muller, Pele, Romario and Ferenc Puskas. See also

What players have scored 2 goals in a champions league match?

So MANY players have scored 2 goals in a Champions League match. PLayers like Henry, Messi, Ronaldo, Raul, Ruud Van Nistelruoy have all scored 2goals in a CL match. And there are many more.

How many players to kick 1000 goals?

Any number between 1 and 1000

How many football players have scored 1000 goals?

Here is an updated list: Josef Bican 1468 goals+ Gerd Muller 1461 goals Artur Friedenreich around 1363 goals Pele 1284 goals Franz Binder around 1040 goals.

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