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It depends, most places 11 a side however, a few leagues change this but not often.

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Q: How many players on the field in a U12 game?
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How many players on the field for U12 girls fast pitch softball?


How many midfielders are there on a u12 team?

There is no set rule on how many players must play each position on a U12 team. The only rules are that there must be a goalkeeper and a cretin number of players on the field.

How many players on the field in a u12 soccer game?

It depends, most places 11 a side however, a few leagues change this but not often.

How many players on a U12 soccer field?

Strictly speaking, there should be 11 players, including the goalkeeper. However, because the Laws of the Game permit leagues and competitions to play small-sided for younger players, there are usually 8 players per team, including the goalkeeper, on the smaller fields.

How many players on girl's youth 9-11 soccer team?

I play U12 right now but I'm pretty sure that last year we played 8 on the field counting the gollie

How big ia a U12 soccer field?

There is no unified standard for youth field sizes.

How many teams are in U12?


How many players play per team in a u12 soccer game?

No more than 11 per team. Different leagues will have different numbers based on the needs of the players. For example, a lot of recreational leagues will play with 8 per side to allow the players more touches on the ball. More in-game touches increases skill.

How many player on field at one time in u12 soccer?

It would depend entirely on the league in question. Not more than 11.

How many players do you need to play soccer?

it matters with age 11 v 11 is how it is played at the professional level (i think) but it is less when it's u12 I belive it is 11 players (including goalie).

What size ball do you need in u12 soccer?

Some countries use a full-size ball, but many recognize that U12 players might not be able to properly handle a full-size ball. Therefore, the USSF recommends that a Size 4 ball be used, which is about 2 inches smaller in circumference than a full-size (Size 5) ball.

Who is the best footballer for u12?

Liam long

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