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Q: How many players on football scholarship at university of Michigan as of january 2012?
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How many days has it been since Michigan state lost to Michigan in football or basketball?

1207 as of January 25, 2011

When was the last time Michigan football beat usc football?

Michigan defeated USC by a score of 22-14 on January 2, 1989 during the 1989 Rose Bowl Game.

Which colleges shared the national championship football title in January 1933?

The two colleges that shared the national championship football title in January of 1933 was Princeton and Michigan. Since 2014, Princeton has was 28 championships and Michigan has won 16 championships.

Who did billy Taylor commit a bank robbery with in barberton Ohio in January 1975?

Another former Michigan football player.

What college did James Earl Jones graduate?

He did not go to high school. He was home schooled

Is rich Rodriguez fired?

Yes, the University of Michigan relieved Rich Rodriguez of his coaching duties on January 5, 2011.

What was the half time entertainment of Super Bowl 1 on January 15th 1967?

The marching bands for the University of Arizona and the University of Michigan performed at halftime of Super Bowl I.

When did Clemson University defeat Nebraska in the Orange Bowl to become the national football champion?

That was January 1, 1982.

How many Orange Bowl appearances does Michigan State University have and what years?

One, on January 1, 1938 Auburn defeated the Spartans 6-0.

What year did Ohio State join the big ten?

The Big Ten Conference was formed in 1896, was known as the Western Conference, and had seven members: University of Chicago University of Illinois University of Michigan University of Minnesota Northwestern University Purdue University University of Wisconsin The University of Iowa and Indiana University joined in 1899 and Ohio State University in 1912. The name was changed to Big Nine in 1899. The University of Michigan left the conference in 1907 and played 10 seasons as an independent. When they reentered the Conference in 1917, the name was changed to Big Ten. The University of Chicago left the conference after World War II and was replaced by Michigan State University. Penn State became a member in 1993.

What year did Michigan win the Rose Bowl?

January 1, 1902: Michigan 49, Stanford 0 January 1, 1948: Michigan 49, USC 0 January 1, 1951: Michigan 14, California 6 January 1, 1965: Michigan 34, Oregon State 7 January 1, 1981: Michigan 23, Washington 16 January 2, 1989: Michigan 22, Southern California 14 January 1, 1993: Michigan 38, Washington 31 January 1, 1998: Michigan 21, Washington State 16

How many Rose Bowls has micigan state won?

Including it's win in 2014, Michigan State is 4-1 all-time in the Rose Bowl Game. It is important to note that "Rose Bowl" refers to the stadium and "Rose Bowl Game" refers to the football bowl game held at the Rose Bowl each January 1st or 2nd.