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You can have up to 6 players on a court , but 15 in all for a team

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Q: How many players on a volleyball team in all?
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How many players on a volleyball team at the beginning of a match?

There are 6 players on the court at all times for volleyball.

How many players are needed for a high school indoor volleyball team?

A highschool volleyball team needs 6 players on the court at all times.

How many players are there on a volleyball team?

There have to be at least 6 players on a team because there are 6 on the court at all times. There is no limit to how many players a team can have, but anything over 12 players is extremely difficult to make substitutions and get any playing time. 8 to 10 players is ideal for a team. Beach volleyball has 2 players on each side.

How many volleyball players form an official volleyball team?

6 is all u need if you don't have to sub any

How many people on the bench for a volleyball team?

I believe that the amount of players on a bench for a volleyball game does not have a requirement, although you must have 6 players on the court, playing, at all times.

How many pepole on a volleyball team?

As many as you like although you need 6 players on the floor at all times and most teams have a libero

How many players are on a volleyball team?

In a Volleyball team, there is 12 players. Six players go in the court, while the other six sit at the bench ready to be a substitute for the six players in the court. You can have at least 15 players but have at least 6 players on the court at all times. You need more than six to have subs or if a player gets injured.

How can you find out the names of the players on the nebraska volleyball team?

If you go to you should find a list of all the players.

What causes a volleyball team to be succesfull?

Love for the sports, understanding of your players strengths and weakness. You must always work together. A volleyball team will not work though, without a whole team and coach willing to give it their all.

How many time does a team can hit in volleyball?

In nearly all volleyball layouts, one team is allowed to hit the volleyball 3 times. 4+ hits are considered illegal.

What are all the names of the players positions in a volleyball game?

yeah that is basicly it but the libro switchs with the center after the team looses the serve

What percent of college volleyball players did club?

Almost all college volleyball players did club. It is over 95%.

What sport has 6 players?

Ice hockey, small-sided youth soccer, and volleyball all use 6 players per team on the rink, field, or court at a time.

What are the materials for volleyball?

All you need to play volleyball is a net, a court, a volleyball, 6 amazing volleyball players.! you cant go wrong with that!

How many people play on a volleyball court?

on one team 6 people play on a volleyball court but all together 12 people play on a volleyball court

What is the minimum number of volleyball players on a team?

6 players are needed on the court at all times. So, you need six players at least. If one of those players gets injured, they need to stand on the court or else you automatically loose the game.

What is the difference between netball and volleyball?

Netball has 7 players per team: Volleyball has 6 players per team Netball has an unlimited number of ball passes between team members with attempted intercepts from the opposing team: Volleyball has a maximum of 3 ball contacts by one team before the ball must be hit to the opposing team's side of the net. Netball allows holding/carrying the ball: Volleyball does not allow a hold or carry of the ball in play. Netball has the aim of goals (balls thrown through a hoop): Volleyball has the aim of scoring points by returning the ball to the opposing teams side in such as way as to make it difficult for the opposing team to keep the ball in the air or return it. At least some Netball players from both teams are on all areas of the court: Volleyball teams players access only their half of the court on their side of the net which is strung across the court. Netball is a much more similar game to basketball than volleyball, but has no stepping while holding the ball: only one bounce is permitted, unlike the basketball dribble, restricted player movements depending on the position played, two more players per team, no backboard to the hoop.

Who is play main roll in volley ball?

volleyball is a team sport and all players contribute equally no one position is better than another.

Where can one buy volleyball uniforms?

Volleyball uniforms can be purchased from many companies on the internet. A few of the websites where one could purchase volleyball uniforms include All Volleyball, Team Connection, and Epic Sports.

In 1954 how many 1st team all-american players did minnesota have?

4 players

How many players in an all blacks rugby team on the field?

All Blacks or any other Rugby team, requires only 15 players on the field.

How many players on the court in volleyball at one time?

Hi, I am a volley ball player myself for about 8 years! So I know a lot about this sport! There is always 6 players for each team on the court at all times! Three in front and three in back!6 people play on a team, and the are 12 people on the court.

How many players in a football team all together?


How many players join a soccer team in a year?

It all depends on the wealthiness of the team, their previous record, their need for players, and the current teammates.

How is high school volleyball different from collegiate volleyball?

First of all high school volleyball is much different form collegiate volleyball because, most of the collegiate players have been given scholarships to play the sport in high school you basically TRYOUT and then you'll see if you make the team. Also for collegiate you need a lot of experience.