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Well there is really no limit on how many players on one team, but on the court at one time there are 6 players.

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Q: How many players in voly ball in one team?
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How many players are on a soccerball team?

how many players are on a soccer ball team

How many players are there in a basket ball team?

there are 5 players in a basketball team

How many players are on a foot ball team?

it is 11 player how dumb are you

How many starting players on a basketball team et ball team?

Their is five starting players.

How many player in basket ball?

their are 5 players on each team at a time a team can have as many players as they want

How many players are on a soccer ball team?

11 on each team.

How many players in basket ball team?

Well there has to be at least 5 players. A team can range from 8-15 players

How many players are on a volley ball team?

There are 6 players on a volley ball team, playing, at a time. Only 2 for beach volleyball.

How many players will be there in a beach volley team?

there can be any where from 2-8 players on any volley ball team. there are mostly 6 players

How many staring players on a basket ball team?

5 on the court at a time.

How many players in a wally ball team?

Assuming you meant 'Volleyball' - there are six members in each team.

How many players in T-ball?

There are 10 players on each team on the field of a game of T-ball. But there is usually reserves if anyone gets injured.

How many players make up a volley ball team?

Each team will compose of about 6 or 7 players.... The seventh one might be a substitute

How many players are on a competitive team of volley ball?

The team number differs, but there are 6 people on a court at a time.

How many times is a rounders player allowed to hit the ball?

depends how many players are in each team. It has to be equal, 9 to 15 players. Each team gets 21 balls.

How many players on a t ball team?

Generally 10, 5 on field and five off.

How many players are on a racket ball team?

For a singles tournament you have one person on each team. For a doubles tournament you have two people on each team.

How many players are on offense in soccer?

Like basketball or other team sports, when a team has possesion of the ball, the whole team plays offence. however, there are designated players who have a more relevant role when the team attacks, usually between 1 and 3 players

How many players in beach volley ball?

Well normal volley ball has 4 people on a team, so I'm guessing that it would also be 4 people on a beach volley ball team.

How many players in the volley ball team?

On a court playing, there must be 6 players. Depending on a team, you can have as many as you want, but it's hard to make substitutions with so many players. If you were a coach you would most likely want 10 players, to be on the safe side in case of injuries.

How many players in a volly ball team?

Six on court, usually with an extra swapping in and out called a Libro