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it matters, the coach can only have two on the bench if he wants.

Basically as many players that he wants to play.

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Q: How many players in basketball are on bench?
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How many players on a basketball team bench?

17 including coaches

Is there a limit of how many total basketball players on a college team - playing and on bench?

Yes, you can only have a total of 12 players on a college basketball team.

How many players are on a professional basketball team?

There are 15 players allowed active on a basketball team, 5 start, and others come off the bench

How many players are normally on a basketball court?

Five and three are usually off the court on the bench

How players are there in basketball?

5 players for both teams are allowed on the court at once. They can have any number of bench players

How many people should be on a basketball team?

there should be five players on each team and usually seven on the bench.

What are bench points in basketball?

The term bench points in basketball refers to how many points the non-starting players of a team score in a game. They are called bench points, because the player begins the game sitting on the bench, as opposed to on the court. These points do not count more or less than the points scored by starters.

How many players to a basketball team?

on the Syracuse basketball team there is 18 players

How many players in match in basketball?

A conventional game of basketball involves five players on the floor at a time from each of the two teams competing. However, teams often have substitute players on the bench who relieve starters. In the NBA, for instance, a team is allowed to have 12 active players throughout the season

How many players in a basketball team through one to ten?

There are 5 on the court and 5 to 7 on the bench. In a kids recreational league there are usually 10 players and in the NBA there are 12 on a team.

How many basketball players to a team?

A minimum of 10 players to a maximum of 15 players can be on a basketball team.

How many reserve players are on the bench in a game of soccer?

7 players are on the bench but only 3 can be used in 1 match.

How many team players in basketball?

5 player form each team on the court at a time. But the team might have none or 10 subs on the bench

How many basketball players does the US have?

about a million players

How many NFL players play Basketball?

How many can play basketball?

How many players allowed on the bench in champions league?

7 players are allowed on the bench in Champions league. Out of these, 3 are allowed to be substituted.

Is it ok if a middle school basketball team has 8 players?

Yes as long as there are 5 on the field and three on the bench

How many basketball players are on the team?

Most basketball teams have at least 12 players on their team

How many players are there in the Basketball?


How many players are in a girls basketball team?

15 Players

How many players are there in a women's basketball team?

11 players

How many players are on a basketball team roster?

12 players..

Name of the players of basketball?

there are many basketball players in the nba and in college basketball , some of the most known basketball players are: Shaq. , Micheal Jordan , Dwight Howard , and Kobe Bryant.

In an afl game how many players are on the field and bench?


What does it mean to have a deep team in basketball?

It means you can use a lot of the players on the bench without having to worry about them messing it up.

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