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premiership my arse! did soccer begin with this league? is there any player score 5 goals before the "beginning of time"?

1. Andy Cole for Man United against Ipswich (9-0) 4 March 1995

2. Alan Shearer for Newcastle against Sheffield Wednesday (8-0) 19 September 1999

3. Jermain Defoe for Tottenham Hotspur against Wigan Athletic. (9-1) 22 November 2009

4.Dimitar Berbatov for Manchester United against Blackburn Rovers.(7-1) 28 November 2010

Ted drake scored 7 against villa in 1935, its not all about the prem, top flight football is more than 20 yrs old you know

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Q: How many players have scored five goals in a game in the English Premiership and who are they?
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How many players have scored six goals in the English premiership and who are they?

No-one has yet managed to score six in a game in the Premiership.

Which players have scored 5 goals in premiership?


How many different nationalities have scored goals in the English premiership?

About 75 different nationalities have scored in the English Premiership. Some players have duel nationalities. The top 5 nations are ENGLAND (of course),FRANCE,SCOTLAND,WALES,HOLLAND A Polish player has only scored once in the EPL !

Which players scored goals for 4 premiership teams?

Nicolas Anelka

How many players have scored 100 plus premiership goals?


Players who have scored over 200 goals in English division1?

Jamie cureton is one goal from scoring 200 in all professional English divisions outside the premiership.

How many goals were scored in the English premiership in 2011 2012 season?

1066 goals

Which players have scored 4 or more goals in a single match in the premiership?

Tevez and Messi.

How many premiership players have scored more than 4 goals in a game?


Who scored Most goals in English premiership?

Nicolas anelka with 14

Which two players have scored over 100 premiership goals and have never scored a penalty?

Emily heskey and les Ferdinand

How many goals were scored in the English premiership last season?

how many goals were scored in premiership last season 1063 - Charlie Adams goal for Blackpool v Bolton was No.1000

How many goals scored in premiership 07 08?

There were 1,002 goals scored in the English Premier League season on 2007 - 2008.

How many goals has yakubu aiyegbeni score in English premiership?

Yakubu Aiyegbeni has scored a 101 goals in the premiership, scoring a brace against Wigan for his 100 and 101 Preemiership goals.

Who is the highest goal scorer in the English Premiership?

Alan Shearer had scored 260 goals.

How many goals has dider drogba scored in English premiership?

Overall career he has scored 249 including international games

What Defenders have scored most goals in English premiership season 2008 2009?

It is J.Lescott of Everton.

What English player has scored the most goals in the English premiership?

The leading goalscorer is Alan Shearer who amassed 260 goals with Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United.

How many goals did Ian Rush score in the premiership?

The English Premier League was formed in February 1992, so Ian Rush technically scored only five goals in the premiership. From 1980-1996, Rush scored 243 goals for Chester City and Liverpool. He also scored seven goals during his year at Juventus. His total tally of goals in his football career is 254 goals.

What premiership players have scored four goals in four consecutive games?

It is Dutch footballer Robin Van Persie with Arsenal.

What English player has scored over 100 goals in Premiership but never played for England?

Andy Cole

An English soccer player that scored 100 goals in the premiership and never got an English cap?

Luis Nani and it was 98 not 100

Which English players have scored for Arsenal?

Theo Wallcott and Jermaine Pennant have scored goals for Arsenal.

What players have scored 5 goals in 1 premiership game?

Andrew cole, Alan shearer, Jermaine defoe and Dimitar Berbatov

How many players have scored 5 goals in one game before the creation of the premiership?

i dont no but there did fit PS im a boy